Fantastic Brushes and Where To Find Them

Hello all! It’s been SO long since I’ve done a blog post, but I’m back and ready to review and recommend my favorite products and tools to all of you! Also HAPPY OCTOBER, considering it’s the best month out of all the months and it’s already half way over 😦 Woe is me. Anyway, let’s jump in shall we?

As you might be able to tell from the title (S/O JK Rowling) this is a post about makeup brushes! I’ve had many people ask me where to even start when building a collection of brushes, whether it be that they’re just starting makeup or they just feel like they need better ones than they’ve got. Well lucky for all of you I cannot stay away from buying zillions of brushes, even though I use like, maybe ten. I’ll explain all of the brushes I think you should have in your arsenal (or a couple options for each) and why/what they do/where to purchase them! I will link each of the brushes in the name for ease of purchase 🙂

First, let’s start with the face:


Morphe M439 – Deluxe Buffer Brush $13.99


  • If you are someone who enjoys full-coverage foundation like myself, this is the brush for you. The bristles are short and incredibly dense, so it holds a lot of product and delivers a concentrated amount to the places you apply it to. When I use it I press the bristles into the skin instead of spreading it around, because when you do that it creates a more sheer-medium coverage. Obviously you can use it this way, so do with it what you will!

Discounts: A lot of YouTubers have affiliate codes with Morphe. I generally use JACATTACK (Jaclyn Hill’s code) that will get you 10% off. If you’re a pro, you can pay a fee ($25) to get 20% off for an entire year

Sigma F80 – Flat Kabuki Brush $25.00


  • This brush is along the same lines as the Morphe M439, but with a flat top. If you watch youtube beauty gurus religiously you’ve probably heard of this brush before, and there’s a reason it’s so hyped. It’s incredibly soft on the skin and also very dense to apply your foundation medium to full coverage. The bristles are also synthetic so they don’t absorb your product! So while yes, you are spending a little more, you’re saving more $ in the long run due to not having to use as much foundation as you would with a natural hair brush. These brushes are also cruelty free!

Discounts: You can usually find a 10-15% off coupon relatively easy from month to month from sigma. SAVE15 is good for 15% off for the rest of October. If you’re a pro or student, you can sign up for their program on their website to get 20-35% off!

Under Eye Concealer/Baking:

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge – $4.99-$6.99


  • Okay so TECHNICALLY this isn’t a “brush” but this is one of the most versatile tools you can have in your kit. It’s comparable to the Beauty Blender, but to be honest it’s even better and a fraction of the cost. I’m putting it under the heading of under eye concealer and baking because I use it for both. You could technically use it for foundation as well but I’m a brush girl on that front. Anyway, it’s got a flat side for larger/flat areas and a pointed side for precise application in small areas, unlike the original Beauty Blender which just has a pointed and a curved side (which isn’t as precise IMO).
  • Now you wouldn’t actually “apply” the concealer with this, you just use it to buff the concealer under your eye area after you’ve applied to your face. It’s so much better than using a brush because brushes tend to smear product around, but you want concealer to sit properly under the eye area since it’s so prone to creasing. I press product into the area with this instead of spreading it. You NEED to wet the sponge before you use it for it to work properly. If you don’t, the sponge will soak up basically all of your product and it doesn’t work nearly as well.
  • As far as baking goes, I use a separate one to apply a loose powder to my under eye, chin, and forehead. I bake in the T-zone because it’s where I’m the most oily (along with most of the population). You can use the side that’s easiest for you, but I find myself using the pointed side for under my eyes because I can get close to my water line, and the flat side for my chin and forehead since those are larger areas. Again, make sure you wet the sponge beforehand.

Discounts: There is a price range of this sponge depending on where you get it. The link I provided is through ulta for $6.99, but more often than not they have a buy 1 get one 50% off deal for the Real Techniques brand. So if you needed something else from that line, you could take advantage of that. Other stores such as target or walmart also carry it, but it’s usually around $4.99. You save a couple bucks but they don’t offer the buy 1 get 1 50% off deal.

Pressed Powder:

Morphe E1 – Deluxe Powder $22.99


  • When I got this brush my first thought was “how in the h-e-double hockey sticks did I exist before this?!” because it’s amazing. It’s part of Morphe’s new Elite II collection and they really delivered. The bristles are ultra soft and the ferrule is sleek and easy to hold. Beyond that, it’s phenomenal at a multitude of things. I use it to apply pressed powder to the face/neck and also sweep away the loose powder when I’m baking. It’s a large brush that covers a lot of surface area with a TON of bristles. It gives you that amazing airbrush effect that most people are going for. You can also use this brush for body product application, due to the fact it’s so large.

Discounts: Use code JACATTACK (Jaclyn Hill’s affiliate code) for 10% off


Sigma E40– Large Angled Contour $23.00


  • When it comes to applying blush you want to make sure you use something fluffy and less dense so you have an even, diffused application. Blush should look natural and this brush delivers just that. It’s angled for ease of application on the cheek bones, and picks up color like a dream.

Discounts: Use code SAVE15 to save 15% through the month of October


Anastasia Beverly Hills #23 $25.00


  • Lawd have mercy get this brush and the highlight gods will put blessings upon you. It’s perfect for concentrating highlight product on the upper cheek bones, cupid’s bow, and bridge of the nose. It says on the website you can use this on your brow bone but to be honest I think it’s a bit large for that area if you’re trying to get a precise application, but to each their own. Even though it’s fluffy and not incredibly dense, it picks up a good amount of product with just one swipe and perfectly diffuses product on your face.

Discounts: You can get 10% off (good for one use) if you sign up for their email list. If you’re a pro, you can sign up for a pro account and get up to 35% off on specific products

Morphe M501 – Pro Pointed Blender $7.99


  • An inexpensive alternative to the ABH brush mentioned before, this little guy is again perfect for concentrating the blessing that is highlight. Fluffy, tapered, and pointed for precise application and smooth blending.

Discounts: Use code JACATTACK (Jaclyn Hill’s affiliate code) for 10% off


Morphe G30 – Flat Contour $14.99


  • This brush is phenomenal for creating a structured contour. The bristles are dense and flat for precise application, but also soft and smooth for flawless blending. You can even use this brush with a cream contouring product, which isn’t always the case for fluffier contour brushes.

Discounts: Use code JACATTACK (Jaclyn Hill’s affiliate code) for 10% off

Sephora Collection #53 – Pro Full Coverage Airbrush $38.00


  • So technically this brush is advertised as a full-coverage face brush but I’ve always used it as a contouring brush. Just because a certain brush is “meant” for something, doesn’t mean you have to go by that. This brush is almost like a fan-shaped kabuki brush. The shape fits perfectly into the contours of the cheek bones, and the bristles are flexible for ideal blending. The price point is relatively high, but if you’re looking to splurge this is a great brush that’s worth the cost.

Discounts: Generally Sephora doesn’t offer day to day discounts, but if you are a VIB or a VIB rouge you can get 10-20% off during certain parts of the year. I know during April they have one of those events and then again in November. Other than that, you’ll probably have to pay full price


Now that we’ve covered the face, (haha, get it?) let’s move on to the eyes! There are a ZILLION different eye brushes available on the market, but these are my favorite:


Morphe R44 – Angle Liner/Spoolie $3.99


  • Maybe part of the reason I love this brush so much is because it’s apart of Morphe’s new Rose Gold collection, and I’m basic AF. That aside, this is incredible for filling in (angled end) and grooming my brows (spoolie end). I know that everyone has a love affair with the Anastasia #7, but seriously this thing is basically the exact same AND $14 less. You could buy 4 of these babies before you could buy just one Anastasia #7. Don’t get me wrong, I love the #7, but if you’re looking to save a few bucks for basically the same thing, go with the Morphe R44. Plus it’s cuter… If you care about that kind of thing… (I know you do).

Discounts: Use code JACATTACK (Jaclyn Hill’s affiliate code) for 10% off


Morphe M504 – Large Pointed Blender $6.99


  • This “oversized” tapered brush is ideal for blending product all over the lid. If I’m going for a really smoked-out eye look in a hurry, I use this brush to sweep one color over the entire lid and blend another darker color focused more in the crease. Great at blending out any harsh lines and creating a diffused look.

Discounts: Use code JACATTACK (Jaclyn Hill’s affiliate code) for 10% off

Crease Shadow: 

Morphe M330 – Blending Crease $5.99


  • This brush looks almost the EXACT same as the M504, but it’s about 2/3 of the size. It still has the fluffiness and blending ability, but since it’s smaller it fits perfectly into the crease of the eye for a flawless application. You will have more control of where the product goes with a smaller brush like this.

Discounts: Use code JACATTACK (Jaclyn Hill’s affiliate code) for 10% off

Lid Shadow:

Morphe M433 – Pro Firm Blending Fluff


  • I use this brush on the flat side if I’m wanting to concentrate color to my lid. It’s firm so it makes for placing the color in one place extremely easy. You can also use the fluffy top to blend out your shadow into your crease color!

Discounts: Use code JACATTACK (Jaclyn Hill’s affiliate code) for 10% off

MAC Cosmetics 242 – Shader Brush $25.00


  • This shader isn’t entirely “necessary” for everyone’s collection, but if you’re a person who likes foiled or shimmer shadows, you should definitely invest in this guy. Packing product on the lid is sooo easy with this brush. You can also use it to clean up your brows with concealer, so if you’re worried about the cost you have a dual use!

Discounts: Every once in a while if you’re subscribed to MAC’s emails you can get a coupon code for free shipping or a certain percentage off. If you’re a pro, you can apply to their program for a $35 fee and get 30-40% off. You can only use this discount in pro stores or online, so if you have a MAC that’s in a Macy’s or something, unfortunately it will not work

Eye Liner:

Morphe R45 – Angled Liner $3.99


  • It’s so hard to find a liner brush that won’t flare out or dull down, but I’ve found this baby and I’m never letting go. The edge is SO FINE and firm that making a perfect wing with gel liner is incredibly easy. And again it’s that amazing rose gold color and incredibly affordable!

Discounts: Use code JACATTACK (Jaclyn Hill’s affiliate code) for 10% off

Under-The-Eye Blending/Smudger:

Sigma E55 – Eye Shading Brush $16.00


  • I love love love this brush for smudging gel/pencil liner on the lid or smoking out color on the waterline. It’s short and dense but can still blend color without creating a harsh line. Some people like to use flat tops for under the eye, which still work well, but this one is really soft and curved so it doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes.

Discounts: Use code SAVE15 to save 15% through the month of October


Honestly, as far as lips go, I just use whatever applicator comes with the product. Liquid lipstick and gloss (which is what I mainly use) already come with a doe foot applicator which works perfect for me.



I know at first it seems costly to buy a ton of brushes at once, and it DEFINITELY is. I’ve listed budget-friendly options for most of these brushes but it still adds up! If you’re a new makeup artist looking to build a kit, I suggest joining MorpheMe. It’s a subscription service (much like Ipsy or Birch Box if you’ve used those) that sends you different brushes every month! It costs $19.99 with free shipping, and they send you at LEAST $30 or more worth of brushes a month! They’re different with each new month, which is a great way to get a variety of brushes for less. I’ve gotten a good amount of the brushes I’ve mentioned here by joining, which I probably wouldn’t have picked up myself because sometimes I’m so focused on buying actual makeup that I forget to spend money on the tools to apply it!

If you’re interested (which, why wouldn’t you be?) here is my referral LINK! If you use my code, you will get a free brush 🙂 You can also set your pay date, skip a month if you’re not interested in the brushes they offer at that time/can’t afford it that month, or cancel your membership at anytime completely without penalty. Also, with each month you are an active member, you get 100 points that you can use towards other month’s brushes or other fun rewards! There is NOTHING bad about this program, I swear.


ANYWAY, I hope you were able to find some new brushes to add to your collection or have a good idea of where to start! If you have any questions or comments, leave them below and I would be happy to address them 🙂

Happy blending my loves!!


xoxo Shelby




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