How I Saved Hundreds Decorating My Space

This post is going to be focused around the specific elements of decor that I’ve put into my living room and how I saved hundreds of dollars doing it. I find that people struggle finding nice things for their space without having to shell out tons of money. They either don’t know where to look or don’t know how to be budget-savvy! Well, I was raised by a Maxxinista so saving money on decor is in my blood. Let me be of assistance.

I’ll include where I purchased everything, original prices, and what I got everything for! Let’s jump in!


To begin, the couch was given to me by my parents since they still love me. AKA they didn’t want it anymore, didn’t want to spend the time to try and sell it, and didn’t want to transport it themselves. Fine by me! I can’t speak to where it’s from or how much it was, unfortunately. The same thing goes for the side table, and I’m still deciding if I want to paint it or buy an entirely new side table all together. I don’t love the black but it doesn’t bother me at the moment.

Couch pillows: Marshalls! I bought these YEARS ago when I first moved into this apartment. I love buying white or ivory elements because you can include them in a multitude of styles even when your taste changes. These were originally $40 each, marked down to $20.

Rug: Hobby Lobby, duh! You can get it here. I think rugs are such a quick way to spruce up a space or complete a room. Originally $99.99, and rugs are 50% off every other week! Purchased for $50.

Lamp: TJ Maxx! It came with a white lamp shade so I replaced it with one I found at Hobby Lobby to give it better contrast (and yes, it was 50% off!). Lamp originally $60, bought for $30. Lamp shade  originally $30, bought for $15.

Coffee table: You guys, I searched far and wide for a coffee table that was cute, affordable, and fit my space. Typically coffee tables run around $150 for even just decent ones, so you’re gonna flip when I tell you how much I got this one for. $35! Seriously! I bought it at Walmart and I found it because I googled “cheap coffee tables” Best purchase ever. You can buy it here. Mine is in the color “rustic oak” and took maybe a half hour to assemble! It is SMALL, but it fits my space perfectly! I can’t say this had an original price tag, but estimating that most coffee tables are around $150 I “saved” $115.

Money saved so far: $250


This is my little collection of votives. Cody does not understand this trend at all but I’m obsessed with it. I love candles anyway and I love the concept of mixing and matching different textures and heights for display. I buy votive candles from Hobby Lobby when they go 50% off! These are not the only votives I have so I buy a lot of them. Normally $6, I get them for $3. The actual candle holders themselves are from various places.

((If you care, from top left over: Pottery barn, Aveda (it’s a shampure candle, one of my favorite scents), hobby lobby, Anthropologie (the brand is capri blue and this specific candle was limited edition for the holidays), pottery barn, pottery barn, target, and hobby lobby.))

Since I work for Aveda I do get a discount on the shampure candles. The Anthropologie candle I got for 20% off, originally $12, bought for $9. The pottery barn votives were on sale also during the holidays. Typically $7, I got them for $3 a piece. The target one is from the dollar section and the two hobby lobby votives were 50% off from $9.

The tray is from TJ Maxx and was a random find that I just had to have. Originally $28 marked down to $14.

Money saved so far: $316


I’ve been obsessed with letterboards lately! They’re such a cute way to add a customized element to your area. They can be SO spendy though. This one I got from Hobby Lobby, surprise surprise. Originally $30, purchased for $15. You can get it here.

The “nesting houses” are from the Hearth & Hand collection at Target. They weren’t on sale, but I do save 5% since I’m a Target RedCard holder. You can get them here.

The mug was at Hobby Lobby during the holidays and was obviously purchased at 50% off as well. Unfortunately they don’t sell it anymore to my knowledge, but they always have cute mugs in store!

Money saved so far: $331


Let me tell you how many man hours I spent trying to find a damn Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree. This thing is my CHILD. Sorry, Finley. They are expensive no matter which route you go (real or fake). I wanted a fake one at first so I could be sure it wouldn’t grow out of control in my small space, but the fake ones are even more expensive! I prefer real plants anyways so when I found this baby at Lowes I snatched it up. My Dad is a retired Naval Officer so he is able to get a 10% military discount there. The tree was originally $90, bought for $81.

The basket is from TJ Maxx, and you have to go often and look at baskets because they always have new ones. I don’t know why places charge up the wazoo for baskets, but TJ Maxx is basically the only place I look. Originally $40, purchased for $20.

Money saved so far: $360


This decor piece is actually something I made. I saw something similar on Pinterest and fell in love, but the price point was a bit out of my budget. I also wanted a larger one for my space and the one I found was only 3′ long. Inspired by the Etsy shop ThoseIndieMommies, I made this using a 6 foot wooden dowel (cut down to 5.5 feet) from Lowes and yarn from Michael’s. I used 5 spools of yarn at $3 a piece, and the dowel was also $3. The original macrame sells for $90, I made this for $18.

Money saved so far: $432

*I encourage you to shop at Etsy sites if DIY is not your forte!


Wooden Sconces: World Market! This purchase is one I’m particularly proud of because of how much money I ended up saving. The sconces were originally $15 a piece. I had two $10 coupons through their rewards program, a 10% off coupon, and I picked them up in store for another 5% off. I ended up paying $7 for both of these! The girl at the checkout counter thought the computer was ringing them up wrong, and then complimented me on my money saving skills. I looked and they don’t sell these particular sconces anymore but they have cute ones regardless! (and yes, mine are slightly different wood colors. They give the room character. Also I tried to find two of the same and it was a bitch)

The candle is just from an unscented value pack from Hobby Lobby, regularly $6 bought for $3.

Money saved so far: $460


Do you like my *~*rustic*~* addition of a chunk missing from the wall below the television? I bet you’re jealous. This was completely free, all I had to do was drop a GIANT TV and the wall chipped right off. (I really just don’t feel like fixing it until I move out to be honest, so for now I’m pretending it’s meant to look that way)

The stone jars? Vases? Honestly I don’t know what you would call them, but I got them from World Market. More importantly, I got them when the World Market in Nampa was closing so I got them at 50% off. I’m estimating they were around $10 a piece originally, so $5 after the discount. They’re not online anymore but I know they’re still at my local World Market so you could possibly find them in store!

The (fake) eucalyptus filler is from the Hearth & Hand collection at Target. Also not on sale, but still saved 5% with my Target RedCard. They come in a pack of 3 and I’ve put them around my living space randomly. You can buy them here.

Money saved so far: $488


Whenever I try to take pictures involving the floor, Finley needs to be apart of it. Which is fine by me because he’s an angel.

The basket is from TJ Maxx and it was originally $50, purchased for $25. I think a basket for your blankets is really cute and I’m not sure why. Anyway, I love that I don’t have to sling my blankets over the back of my couch like I used to. This is much nicer.

The blankets are from Target and Pottery Barn. Not that you can tell between the two, but the one with the pom poms is from Pottery Barn (it was a gift, because lord knows I’m not spending $130 on a throw… shoutout Mom, you the real MVP) and the other is from Target because obviously. It’s their “sweater throw” and it’s AMAZING. Highly recommend for a cute throw that’s comfy and warm but not too heavy. It’s in the color “sour cream and coffee” and I got it just in the twin size since I use it as a throw and not an actual blanket for my bed. Originally $40, I bought it for $30 because it actually was on sale. You can get it here.


Yep, you read it right! A little over half a grand that I saved from simply shopping with coupons, checking out discount stores instead of pricey alternatives, DIYing, and waiting for items I wanted to go on sale. It’s a process to build your space the way you want it and save your hard earned dollars, but it’s worth it!

What ways do you save money decorating your space? Let me know in the comments down below!

xoxo Shelby


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