Anthropologie Taste on a TJ Maxx Budget

Alright so I spend probably about 98% percent of my off-time either shopping for decor for my house or watching HGTV and pining over stuff for my house. The other 2% is just staring at my dog and wondering why and how he got so cute. Not really the point but worth mentioning. Anyway, the problem is I have Anthropologie taste on a TJ Maxx budget. My apartment is also small so I only have so much space to work with, and I can’t do anything permanent to the walls. So I’m trying to ball on a budget while also not being able to incorporate bigger changes that could spruce up my area. See my dilemma?

The key is to find statement pieces for less instead of buying the first thing you fall in love with, DIY things you want that could be done yourself, and COUPONS. Have you heard of the five love languages? If not, it’s a fun test you can take to figure out how you best receive/give love to others. There are five, obviously, and they are: acts of service, gifts, quality time, words of affirmation, and physical touch. But honestly there should be a 6th and it should be coupons because that would be mine. Anyone that knows me knows that unless there’s a coupon, chances are I’m not buying it. I implore you to adopt this way of thinking and you, too, can ball on a budget.

If you haven’t read it yet, you can check out how I saved hundreds decorating my living room in this post here!

Places I shop and how to save money there:

My favorite places to purchase home decor are: Target (obviously), World Market, TJ Maxx, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and, IF I HAVE A COUPON, Anthropologie. I feel like these places, with the exception of World Market and Anthro, have a wide variety of decor styles to choose from. Clearly I have more of a “bohemian farmhouse” style if you will, but you can find things that are coastal, mid-century modern, etc. at any of these places!

Hobby Lobby (or as my sister and I like to call it, Hobster Lobster):

  • If you’re a Hobby Lobby frequent flyer, you know that (almost) half the store is 50% off one week, and the other half is 50% off the next week. Not everything, but damn near most of their stuff. The website will tell you exactly what’s half off that week so I suggest planning your trips around that! If you absolutely can’t wait to buy something, they also have a 40% off coupon you can use on regular priced items all the time. All you need to do is pull up the coupon on your phone and they will honor it! Easy peasy.

Target (or if you’re my 55 year old dad, Tar-jay)

  • Pretty typical, you want to sign up for emails. What’s nice is that if you put something in your cart and you have an account, they will sometimes email you when it drops in price! They also tailor typical emails to your shopping habits, so a lot of the ones I receive are home-decor specific. They also ALWAYS have home sales so I let things sit in my cart and snag them when I see they’re no longer full price.
  • The Target RedCard. I am very against signing up for store-based credit cards unless they come with massive benefits and a low APR, but I love the Target RedCard because you can get a debit card with all the perks of the credit card! You don’t have a monthly bill and your credit won’t go down when you spend all of your money in Target because such is life. 5% off on purchases all the time (which is basically tax) and they have special discounts for card holders every now and again!

World Market (sorry I don’t have a fun name for this one)

  • BECOME A REWARDS MEMBER! It’s free, you get emails automatically, and you get awesome perks! Every time you spend $200 (which, trust me, is easy to do) you get a $10 credit. You can combine them with other deals too. They are so great at doing sales regularly, you never have to wait long for something you want to be cheaper.
  • The World Market website has a great price tracking tool. Any product you want, you can enter in your email to get price drop alerts and they will email you when there is a sale or it drops in price. It makes it so easy to find good deals!

TJ Maxx/Homegoods (my mom calls it “The Maxx” because she’s hip. She’s the number one Maxxinista and my lifetime inspiration for bargain shopping)

  • Honestly you’re going to find great deals at TJ Maxx regardless because that’s the premise of the store. My suggestion to save money is to go into TJ Maxx with an idea of what you’re looking for because if not you’re gonna leave with half the store. There’s really no way around it.
  • This isn’t really a money saving tip, but you have to go often to find things you like. I know this is a pain for those of you who don’t like to shop, but for those of you who do this won’t be an issue. TJ Maxx gets new things in all. the. time. and it’s not the same stuff over and over again. I’ll go in one week and find nothing I want, and the next I’ll find 50 things I’ve been looking for.

**In Boise our TJ Maxx and Homegoods are merged, so sorry if this is confusing! I know some states have separate stores for both!


  • Join their rewards program! I don’t believe you earn points or anything but they send you emails and rewards member-only coupons and you can typically combine multiple at a time. Once I went in to buy sprinkles ($8) and a cupcake decorating set ($20) and somehow I left there only paying $10 with all the discounts.
  • They also usually offer a 40% off any regular price item just like Hobby Lobby does. It’s on their website and you can apply it to an online purchase or in-store!


  • I’m not the kind of person who can justify spending $30 on a dish towel, but man Anthropologie has some cute stuff. The way to save money here is by signing up for their rewards program and watch out for their emails. Via the rewards program they give you 15% off during your birthday month, and special 20% off coupons randomly. They actually do have quite a few sales, especially on home decor so you just need to look for them!

How to earn money and save anywhere:

  • SIGN UP FOR EBATES. If you haven’t heard of Ebates, you are missing out. You basically shop through their app and they give you cash back for shopping certain places. I’m not joking and there is absolutely no catch. So far I’ve made back almost $300 on stuff I was going to buy anyways. Yes, I’m an online shopping addict. Let me live. Anyway, generally it’s only 2% cash back or thereabouts but during holiday weekends sometimes it goes up to 10% or more! It adds up a ton over time. It not only works for home decor stores, but most places you’re shopping at. I just put the money I get back into more skincare or home decor because I have no self control. Use my referral link to earn $10 when you make a purchase of $25 or more 🙂 click here!
  • If websites have referral programs- use them! Even if it’s not on home decor, brands want their names out there and many offer programs to encourage this. Share your love of shopping with a friend and you just might snag 20% off if they mention your email.

Use your Pinterest-y talents!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about decor, you can make stuff yourself a good portion of the time. It depends on how much patience and crafting skills you have, but if I see something I like and I know I can make it myself I’ll do that. I also really love crafting so I don’t mind it, so if you’re not into that stick to buying. All of my crafting supplies either comes from Michael’s or Hobby Lobby, and the same discount tips apply. Wait for the sales and sign up for emails!

I hope you were able to find some new tips and tricks to save money when shopping for your home decor. Typically people that know me will reach out to me and ask if I know of any sales going on or if I have any referral codes because I go out of my way to make sure I’m saving money. You can always comment here or shoot me a message on instagram if you’re in need of money-saving guidance!

Have fun decorating AND saving money, my loves!!

xoxo Shelby

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