DIY Wooden Print Hanger

Hello friends! I know it’s about 7 seconds into September, but with fall around the corner I have had an ITCH to craft! Well, okay, let’s be real… I always want to craft… but now I have an excuse sooooo sounds good to me!

Anyway, the other day I was browsing the Urban Outfitters website (already a bad idea for my wallet) and came across these print hangers and I fell in love. Except, $20-$30? for some wood and twine? LOL, no thanks. I thought to myself, “those seem easy enough to make,” and off to Lowes I went! Also, when I say I, I mean I dragged Cody with me.

This print hanger was literally so inexpensive and easy to put together. I ended up spending $36 on supplies, but I bought enough wood to make six 12″ frames and two 18″ frames. Which would have cost me about $170 at Urban Outfitters! Plus I’ll have plenty of the glue and twine left over for many other future crafts.

Voila! The finished product. I’m obsessed with how it looks. I opted for the natural wood, but if you’re into darker finishes you could always tint them or even paint them a fun color! If you’re interested in learning how to make this, keep reading!


Alright so let’s get into the nitty gritty. I use this term lightly because seriously you could do this and drink your Pumpkin Spice Latte in the other hand, it’s that easy.


Pine board cut into 12 inch sections- 1″ wide and 96″ long. The thinnest you can find will work the best in terms of weight. I got it at lowes and had them cut it for me!

Super glue- Gorilla glue works the best for anything!

Twine- I found this cotton twine at Lowes and it ended up matching really well, but pick whatever color matches your *~*aesthetic*~*

Magnets- Make sure you buy some that will stick to each other. This sounds obvious but not all magnets are the same okay…. I got these at Target, but if you want to hold thicker paper (i.e. heavy posters) I would suggest finding stronger ones! However, these worked great for what I needed

Scissors- Just to snip your twine!



1.Pick the pieces you want (you need four 12″ sections per frame) to face outwards. Make sure you keep these together and organized during the other steps. If you’re going to paint these, it’s not a big deal which side faces out, but the other sides of these were basically striped. Paint them prior and wait a day to continue with the rest of the steps.


2. Adhere the magnets to the inside of your pine board. I put mine about two inches in from either side so if I want to use a smaller photo it will still hold it up. My magnets also had an adhesive on one side, but if yours do not just super glue them down. Wait until they are dry to do anything else if you go this route!


3. Match your magnets on either side so the polarity goes with the other. I kept my magnets stuck to each other, took the adhesive off the backs, and pressed the pieces together so I knew I didn’t mess with the strength of the magnets.


This is what both sides should look like! Repeat that on each set of two.



5. Cut your twine to whatever length you prefer. I like a lot of length on my frames so I cut it longer, about a foot or more.


6. Put two good sized dots of super glue on either side of the INSIDE of the BACK TOP pine board. Place your twine in the glue to allow the it to adhere to the pine board. This was the most “time consuming” portion, and it was only because I had to let it sit to dry.


7. Once the super glue is dry, you’re ready to put a print in your frame. Easiest way to do this is to lay it down on a surface and line up your photo so it sits evenly. Obviously make sure your photo sits within the magnets otherwise it’ll fall right out. Snap the magnets together to secure your print!


8. Find a blank wall and enjoy the fruits of your labor!


I hope you guys liked this quickie DIY! I feel like these frames are a huge trend right now and they’re a quick way to make your space look Pinterest ready. It would also be a fun addition to a gift if you’re getting/making them an art print or if they are moving into a new place!

Let me know in the comments if you ended up making this project, or if you tried any other methods I didn’t mention that you liked! I would love to see photos of your cute spaces!

Happy crafting!!

xoxo Shelby

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